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Log Software

- - Name Descriptions
AALOG Ham Logger (by RZ4AG)
BBLogger Logging software by ARI Busto A.
DX4WIN Dx Logging Software
EasyLog by Microware Software
Fast LogLog Software (by I0XGR)
FLYComputer Aided Ham System (by I0FLY)
HamLogBookLog Software for Windows (by K6REA)
KLogLog Software (by 9A5K/K5CRO)
LOGvrr Log Software (by IN3VRR)
LOGic Windows Logging Program
LOGDDMLog Software (by IV3DDM)
Lux-Log Log Software (by LX1NO)
Log EQF Log Software (by N3EQF)
Logger Log Software (by K4CY)
LogPA Log Software (by PA3HBI)
ProLog2K Logging system for Windows (by W5VP)
QSO Manager Log Software for Windows (by I4IFL-I4CZS-IK4CLF)
RCKlog Log Software for Windows (by DL4RCK)
Shacklog Log Software (by G3PMR)
Swisslog Switzerland Log Program
TACLog Log for V-UHF and up freq.
VQLog for V-U-SHF (by EA6VQ)
WLOG2000 World Log 2000 for Windows (by HB9OAB)
WinLog32 Log for Windows 9x/NT (by G0CUZ)
XMLog Windows Logging System (by W1ECT)
YPLog Log Software (by VE6YP)
ZLog Log Software (by AD6AJ)

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